Thursday, May 7, 2009

How To Download Files Like These


Simply Click On The Button On The Left That Corresponds With The Link You Want To Download. And Watch The Video Explaining How it Works.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Can I find the Files I Want?
For Tv Shows, Movies, Apps, Music, Book, basically anything that can be put in digital form try:
Simply Google: "File I'm Looking For" ""
Do a Google Blog Search: "File I'm Looking For" ""

Why are the files in this form?
Files are usually shared in this form because the blog or forum doesn't have enough space on the server to host the files themselves.

Can I get a virus from downloading these files?
Whenever you download files from the internet you should always scan them with your antivirus software, but unless the file you are downloading has an .exe file in it, getting a virus is unlikely.

Why are some files in .Rar form? How Do I Open Them?
For now to learn how to unrar watch this crappy video. I will make a better one soon. Now why are they in rar form? The files are in rar form to hide their signature from the filesharing Com, to keep the link from being reported, or taken down.

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